Red Energy – Green Dynamics – Blue Interaction – RGB Event Design

01 februari 2018

Red Energy – Green Dynamics – Blue Interaction – RGB Event Model Lars Sorensen

While explaining to a potential customer how I create my event designs, I ended up drawing this model. Based on the RGB colors. 

Not yet science-based, but it helped me to explain how I look at Live Communication in Event Formats. How important the right balance between energy, interaction en dynamics provide the perfect platform for your content and goals, to reaching your  ROI or even creating a profit.  Quiz question; What do you think PXP stands for? Let me know in the comments. And yes… I got the job 😉 

When working on corporate events you meet all sorts of organizers. Some more focused on the practical side of things, others deep down into the content. Both pretty important. But it sometimes makes I have some battles to fight to make sure we also think about the more subjective side of the event. Talking about energy, dynamics, and interaction. We get into a layer that’s just not everybody first language. What is energy? How do you get is into your programme. How do you measure its effects? Same goes for interaction and dynamics. But tell me what is the last corporate event, seminar or congress you can remember. And why? Chances are you were experiencing the effects of one of those or several elements. You were moved, touched, challenged, mesmerized, awed and involved. And it is probably because someone spent time and attention to more than just booking an expensive key-note or arranging a huge lunch buffet.  If you as a participant still remember an event, and hopefully even some specific content we call that a profit for you and the organizer.

Obviously, not every meeting has the budget or prep-time to involve an event designer or pro-active moderator with event design experience. But it is my strong belief,  that just taking in mind the energy, interaction and dynamic aspects will force you to take a critical look to the setup of your event and will create the ultimate participants experience profit.

RGB Event Model Lars Sorensen

Copyleft 2018. This means your free to use this model if you have any use for it. Just mentioning the source will be appreciated.