5 Reasons To Go For Live Communication and how to do it right

More and more we are being consumed by the digital universe. The bigger part of our days information is screaming for the attention of our brains. It’s safe to say that we spend more time on sorting, selecting and rating information then actually processing it. Our 86 billion brain cells have to validate, disqualify, like or disgard over a million signals each minute. To do that without going crazy people are just as selective on what the actually let in as the United States Immigration Service. 


So why go live? If you are a MarCom professional its your job to make sure your information, content, product or brand gets pass the selection. And creates the desired effect. But how to be more then just a few million extra impulses on a brain?

Live events offer you a unique opportunity to really connect with your stake-holders. By pass the cognitive-border-patrol and aim straight for the heart!

The Shortcut

  1. Its more fun if you dare to let FOMO work for you 
  2. Bypass the brainpatrol, aim for the heart 
  3. Brainsex multiplies the ouput m2 
  4. People know what they want, better then you do 
  5. Be a rockstar and meet your fans  


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1. Its more fun if your there,  let FOMO work for you

People want to be were other people get to experience exiting stuff. Your event should have the same appeal as a concert, theme-park or festival.  Trying to reach out to your targeted audience can be a tough job. Marketeers go the mile to get the attention of potential buyers. Chances are your audience is suffering of add-fatigue and will not even look at your banner or commercial. Be a Hollywood blockbuster movie. Create a stunning trailer for your event, and make it all about the content, not just your brand. Offer people the possibility to share with there friends. If they are getting in on all the good stuff and the rest will want to follow.


2. Bypass the brainpatrol, aim for the heart 

Do you remember the last time you cried. Or had a crazy laugh with your friends in a bar? When did you last hear a co-worker talk passionately breathtaking powerpoint or a heartbreaking banner. When you go live you get a chance to aim for the heart. So build in some room for emotion. Emotion is stronger than cognition. A true and personal story opens our minds via our hearts. Yet most of B2B events are all about information. The brain-patrol only lets small bits of information pass brain-customs. So take a bypass and go through the heart. Work together with sense specialists. Artists. Music. Laughter or invite some kids to your corporate seminar. Surprise is unlocks criticism. Emotion opens our hearts and minds. It takes some time to figure out the best balance between information, inspiration and interaction. But when you find the right mix for your event it wil become magical.


3. Brain-sex multiplies the ouput x 3


Share ideas and thoughts. Offer your crowd the opportunity to have brain-sex and witness the birth of ideas that otherwise never would have come to existence.  Henry Ford said something like;

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got.”


When new people meet, or acquainted people talk about something new, our brain creates new connections, synapses. With a little imagination it even looks like sex. A live event should offer people plenty of time to interact with each other. To collaborate. Digest, proces and reshape the information or inspiration you offered. You will be surprised what could happen if you simple ask the audience a question or provide them with a challenge and the time and space to work on it. 


4. People know what they want, better then you do


Don't offer people what you think they need without asking. Sounds stupid and like an open door. Now check your last 3 events.. who made the decisions about the content? You or your audience. Surely, you need a program or agenda. But leave some space for your audience to fill in. Either using an out of the box format or moderator,  Open Space Technology, or just a bit of extra time for coffee in your schedule. Don’t plan your event to the minute filled with your information-avalanche. Don’t just push your content, but be ready to receive.


5. Be a rockstar and meet your fans 


People don’t just fly Virgin, get a MAC or drive a TESLA, they sympathize with Richard, remember Steve and love Elon. Because they 'know' these ceo's. Going Live! offers you an opportunity to meet your audience. Scary, I know. But if you do it right, the will become your fans. People want to know who is behind the brand. 



“Get close and they’ll could get to know you. Get personal and they'll probably like you. Be vulnerable and the will love you…”

During a live event you have the wonderful opportunity to really meet your audience and interact with them. So don’t be shy, be a rockstar and go for the meet and greet. 

About the author; Lars Sørensen is a creative live-communication specialist. Lars designs and produces effective and high-end events and is involved and connected to many different industries commercial and non-commercial.  On stage Lars is wel known for being a energetic presenter, host and moderator with the ability to easily connect to any type of audience.